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Slumber Buddies® Deluxe - Dippy the Dino Sale!

Item #06846
Create a tranquil environment for your little one at bedtime with the Slumber Buddies® Deluxe, featuring a multi-colour, magical starry sky light display and five peaceful sounds to help relax and soothe baby to sleep.  Our deluxe characters now include the added benefit of cry activation technology, which will automatically turn on the Slumber Buddies® Deluxe companion when your baby becomes unsettled, to help them drift back off to sleep without you having to go into the room.
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All the features of the original Slumber Buddies® plus the added benefit of cry activation technology
Cry activation mode automatically turns on the Slumber Buddies® companion when baby becomes unsettled
3 colour display options: blue, green and amber, plus a multi-colour light show option
Calming starry light display projects onto the ceiling and walls of the child’s room
5 relaxing songs including lullabies, nature and heartbeat sounds
Includes 3 x AA batteries
Suitable from birth and up