Baby Pixel® Cadet™ Monitor

Item #36016
You can’t always be in the room with baby, but with the Baby Pixel® Cadet™, you’ll feel like you are. The easy remote camera steering allows you to see baby anywhere in the nursery, and the patent-pending SleepZone™ alerts you if baby has moved out of the virtual boundary box. Baby Pixel Cadet includes the convenience features you would expect such as nursery temperature display and two-way talk back as well as other features like lullabies, white noise, and voice activated screen wake up.
• 4.3” high resolution colour screen with enhanced night vision & VOX voice activation.
• Unique Sleepzone™ Virtual Boundary alerts parents when baby moves outside of the pre-set virtual border.
• Remote camera steering & 3 level digital zoom to see baby anywhere in the nursery.
• Lullabies & white noise.
• Onscreen nursery temperature display.
• Two-way talk back & sound activated lights.
For little movers, wiggle-worms and escape artists alike. This innovative new technology helps parents alleviate some of those nap time and night time worries! Set a boundary box around baby’s safe space to alert you when your child exits their immediate surroundings. Whether your child rolls into a corner or is plotting an escape, the sound alert will help you to keep baby safe.