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Item #29556A
The first wearable baby monitor that offers the only hands-free option to feel close to baby from anywhere in your home. The Babble Band fits both mum and dad comfortably and has an easy to attach adjustable strap. Babble Band features 3 monitoring modes: (1) audio mode: to hear baby in the nursery, (2) vibration mode: to ‘feel’ baby when there is sound in the nursery, but audio is turned off and (3) sound-level light mode: sound activated LED lights provide a visual cue when there is noise in the nursery and audio is turned off. The band fits neatly on the base station utilising inductive charging technology to re-charge the batteries for up to 8 hours continuous use.        
£49.99 In Stock
Soft silicone wristband that adjusts to fit both mum and dad comfortably.
3 monitoring modes: audio and lights, sound lights only, and vibration and lights.
Baby unit audio transmitter doubles as recharging base for band.
Range up to 250m.
Rechargeable battery, with up to 8-hours of continuous use.