Make Potty Training fun with My Size!

Many parents dread potty training, and this stress and anxiety definitely rubs off on our toddlers as we try to train them!

We’ve put together some great resources that you can use to help your journey go smoothly. First up take a look a the list below, if you can confidently say your child is doing 5 out of 7 of the above they could be ready!

  • They stop during play and stare into space when they are having a wee.
  • They find a private place in the house and squat for a bowel movement.
  • They let you know when they have done a poo and want to be changed.
  • They can say when they are doing a wee.
  • They take note of you on the toilet.
  • They take off their own nappy at bath time and show signs they want to sit on the toilet / potty.
  • They are trying to take off their nappy more and more.

Our range of potties can be seen here, including our new My Travel Potty and there is something to suit every child.

One mum took it a step further and created a tiny toddler bathroom, using a My Size Potty and other items to create a special corner in her bathroom just for her toddler! You can see how she did it in this video.

Choosing a method to follow when starting to lose the nappies is the next hurdle. There are lots of different methods you could pick, from “do it in a weekend” intense methods, to a more relaxed and child led approach. There are a few things to keep in mind, one is how much time you have on your hands, another is whether your child will be spreading their potty training time between home and nursery or other child care – as you’ll all need to be on the same page! The important thing to remember is to pick a method and stick to it so as not to send mixed messages to your toddler.

To help encourage your toddler try printing off our reward chart to keep their enthusiasm going, and then when the job is done we have a certificate too!

Good luck!