Meet The #SummerFamilySuperheroes!

When you become a parent you also become a superhero! A sudden ability to know what your baby needs and when, the power to survive on very little sleep and the amazing ability of loving a tiny human more than you thought possible. At Summer Infant we like to think our products help to give you extra superhero abilities, to hit each parenting task head on to make it as much fun for you as for your baby.

To celebrate My Family Week (8th-14th October) we’ve teamed up with 5 parents each with special parenting super-skills and picked out the perfect product for them to reach their maximum superhero potential.  We followed a day in the life of each superhero, embracing the different challenges parenthood brings!


Heroes collage


So, lets meet our real-life superheroes…

First up is Carl, a stay-at-home dad who wishes he had a sixth sense, a way to check up on exactly what is happening with his two daughters at any time. Spiderman has spidey-senses that tingle when mysterious goings on are happening and Carl needs them too, especially when his girls are being quieter than normal and might be up to no good!

Well Carl is now known as “The Pixelator”, and his awesome parenting skills paired up with the new Baby Pixel Video Monitor mean that he can oversee it all! It’s like he has eyes in the back of his head! Baby moving around in the cot? He gets a warning it’s happened and is off like a flash to investigate! Little fingers getting into the pot of nappy-cream, BAM! He’s there and saving the day (well, the carpet from getting ruined!)

“The Pixelator” shared his thoughts on parenting with us saying: “The truth is that parenting is hard. I love being a Dad to my girls but I’d be lying if I didn’t say the physical act of parenting them on a daily basis is easy. In fact, it’s one of the most difficult things in my life to do.”

Now hopefully the hard bits will be made easier and he’ll be able to relax a bit knowing his girls are safe.


29796_PIXEL Monitor_Life1

Next in our line-up of superheroes is Chloe, aka the “Superior Protector”. She told us she struggles with keeping on top of everything, which is hardly surprising given that she has four children, and a cat! But now, with the 4-in-1 SuperSeat she has a safe place for her youngest to stay, play and be entertained! The multi-stage floor seat helps Darcie to sit unaided and gives her a whole host of different toys to keep her busy, while Chloe can get on with her to-do list faster and then hopefully enjoy some time for herself too. She told us that although she loves parenthood and feels privileged to be a mum she often gets lonely, as it is hard to get the balance of friends and family just right when you’re a parent.



Leigh-Ann is our “Infamous Nightowl”, and together with the Slumber Buddies Deluxe Dino she’s been making sure her little boy Seth is getting a good night’s sleep. She wishes her own superpower would be to never get tired and to survive on no sleep – but that just can’t happen so the next best thing is using relaxing lights, calming sounds and cuddly companions to send little people off to the land of nod easily!

Thanks to the Slumber Buddies Deluxe cry activation mode if Seth becomes unsettled in the night Dippy the Dino automatically turns on to help him drift back off to sleep without Leigh-Ann having to get up. This clever bedtime companion lets our super-mum to get some kip too so she is ready to tackle the day head on in the morning.

When the “Infamous Nightowl” was asked to share her thoughts on parenthood she described it as such a blessing; it’s brought her so much joy. Even on the darkest days, a mum’s heart still wants to burst because it’s so full.




Next up is Amy, playing the part of the “Aqua Spectacular”, who has a sense of calm and control in the waters at bath time.  With the help of our My Bath Seat the Aqua Spectacular accomplished a happy and enjoyable bath time which got the thumbs up from her little one Eli who was able to sit up safely in the bath, splash and play!

The bath seat’s sturdy arms provided all-round support keeping Eli securely in place and freeing up both hands for our super-hero mum to scrub, play and make the most of splash time.




The real superpower Amy wishes she had is the power to heal others and to keep the kids happy and smiling whatever the day throws at her.  She told us she feels parenthood is the most challenging yet rewarding job: “You really do need to be like a superhero with lots of different powers! You need super speed to catch your little ones as they run off, you need extra arms to juggle things and you need magic sleeping powers to get through a sleepless night!”

Finally, we have Annalise, our “Potty Prodigy” superhero, who teamed with our My Size Potty tackled toilet training in superhero style!

With the look and feel of an adult toilet the My Size Potty comes complete with a realistic flushing sound, encouraging her youngest daughter to sit on the potty and reward her afterwards.




Our “Potty Prodigy” told us that her real superpower wish was to be a “nap time ninja” with the ability to make children of all ages take a nap whenever needed, so she could catch up on all the chores and daily hustle and bustle of parenting!

Annalise confessed parenthood is tiring but a true blessing saying: “Catch me on a tired day before I’ve topped up my veins with caffeine and my answer may vary… but in all honesty, it’s one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, 4 children are not easy, but at the same time it’s the most rewarding!”

At Summer Infant we believe the strength and beauty of parenthood should be celebrated and that all parents are superheroes, including these 5 families.   It’s a resounding feeling amongst our Heroes that although parenting is incredibly rewarding it’s a big challenge, and we know that our products will make life that bit easier for them!


As Superman once said “There is a superhero in all of us, we just need the courage to put on the cape.”