Gift Ideas for Father's Day

For some ideas for Father’s Day, we have spoken to some of our Summer Mamas and Mummy and Daddy Bloggers to help get some ideas of the perfect gift to buy…

Katy Gibson- Summer Mama – katygibson.com

“Most useful in our house is boxers…. James will only wear next boxers so I find they are definitely a present LOL and the kids find it hilarious to pick out pants for daddy and the best presents are always the ones that the children have made. He loves his garden so one year the painted a flower pot each for him and planted a little plant in them”

 Rebecca – Summer Mama – www.ialwaysbelievedinfutures.com

“It is so cliché but Steve always loves socks and practical gifts like that. There are only so many mugs you can get given!” 

Laura Moore – Mummy Blogger – www.mumoam.co.uk

 “What about a SuperDad top from The DRM Project? All the profit goes to charity (min £10 per top).” 

Jess Howliston – Mummy Blogger – www.tantrumstosmiles.co.uk

“I let my kids put together a little hamper. These choose things like socks, sweeties, a new mug etc and put it all in a little box. Its thoughtful and he can use everything inside (the kids love picking all the bits too!)”

 Emma – Mummy Blogger – www.meandbmaketea.com

“The best gifts I find are homemade gifts. And not ones that take months to make. Simply open up a Word doc, and type out “I love Daddy Because” and then list all the reasons why your dad is the bestest in the world. Make it colourful, add some pics and print it off and frame. And you’re done!”

Luis Weston – Daddy Blogger – https://singledaddydaycare.blog

“Sounds simple but one of the best gifts I’ve ever received was a mug that was decorated by my two…I always use it every day!” 

Lisa Clark – Mummy Blogger – https://baremother.com/

“I started a photo album when my toddler was born, and put a photo in it each year for Fathers Day. They’re usually funny, and often have the pets in there too. We love looking at the old pics each year.”

Hannah Amphlett – Mummy Blogger – www.theamphletts.com

“A monthly subscription to something they’re interested in – i.e whisky tasting or a cookery one & combine it with a romantic ‘at home’ date night each month” 

Charlotte Zealey – Mummy Blogger – www.cupsofcharlotte.co.uk

“We did a digital photo frame and then can update the pictures so he can see Jess when he is missing her a lot”

Cheryl Dodd – Mummy Blogger –  www.mummyof5miracles.com

“Something handmade, using handprints and turning them into something awesome . When I struggled to buy my other half something good I got him a lordship” 


Laura Dove – Mummy Blogger – www.fivelittledoves.com 

“The most useful for my dad would be a tool box. He is forever banging at something with a hammer and he loses everything he touches!” 

Leanne Cornelius – Mummy Blogger – http://asliceofmylifewales.com 

“I usually buy spencer a mug with Aria’s photo for the office. She grows so quickly that the photos look nothing like her the next year so he is always due an upgrade!’  


Louise Williams – Mummy Blogger – https://pinkpearbear.com

“A curry kit! Every week they send you everything you need to make a different authentic curry. And a beard grooming session. Masculine pampering at it’s finest!”