Our Top Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is a time to show mum just how much their hard work is appreciated, so to help out all those Dads who may be facing their first Mother’s Day, or any Dads who struggle every year to know what to buy or do, we have spoken directly to some Mums to come up with the perfect Gifts for your little ones to give, and it’s not all about presents!

“The most thoughtful thing a partner can do on Mothers Day I think is to take the child’s lead and not try to coerce the child into getting something else. The best presents are the things that you just know that children have chosen themselves – whether you’ll use it or not. Or when they’ve made something. 

For Christmas, Jack, my son chose me a variety of things and Steve didn’t try to coerce him into getting anything else – he also made me something at school. Because he’d chosen what to get me and what to make me, it meant to so much more”

Rebecca – Summer Mamawww.Ialwaysbelievedinfutures.com


“My husband James always lets our children choose whatever they would like to get me an29580_img_m-videomon_life12_3000d I love the gifts because they were chosen by them! I would also say that a lie in and breakfast in bed wouldn’t be unwelcome!”

Katy – Summer Mama: www.KatyGibson.co.uk


“Getting up with the children and letting me have a lay in” 

Sarah – Blogger: www.boorooandtiggertoo.com


They’re still not really at an age of knowing what’s going on so any sentiment is from my husband rather than them. Just spending time together is enough for me.”  “I am usually happy with a card. I’m not into buying silly presents but I do love a card off the kids.

Emma – Summer Mama: www.farmerswifeandmummy.com


“Ask the kids what they’d like to do, then help them do it. Last year the kids wanted to make blueberry pancakes for eat in bed and make cards with hearts and flowers on, so he helped them figure out what they needed and then helped them make. AND I got a lie in 

Lauren – Blogger: http://mummyisagadgetgeek.co.uk


“I’d love one of those necklaces with the handprints/footprints on or something really special that I can keep forever that incorporates our daughter in some way (anything handmade would be even better!)”

Lucy – Blogger: www.hellobeautifulbear.com


We hope this gives all Dads some inspiration, and Mums, make sure you share these with your partners!