Bathing your Newborn

So you’ve had a baby – Congratulations! You’ve brought your little bundle of joy home with you and you’re trying to settle into life with a tiny human. You’re a bit tired but get lots of lovely snuggly cuddles which makes it all worth it. You’re snapping photos to send to friends and family and someone says ‘don’t forget to take a photo of their first bath’. Sure, bathing a tiny little baby can’t be that hard can it? Think again! Your lovely peaceful baby will turn into a wailing bundle of anger to moment you undo the first popper on their sleep-suit. They’ll turn red with all the shouting, and a holding a naked wet baby is akin to picking up a bar of soap from a sink full of water… it’s not easy!

bathing newborns tips

To try and prepare you we asked some bloggers what their tips were for a calm, stress free bath time with a new baby so read on to hear what they suggest!


Not every baby will like it at first so take baby steps to start with Lesbemums.com


I had a basket which I kept in their room with everything in, then I could just grab the basket when we were ready to go. Then after bath time was done I would ‘restock it’. I knew it was always sorted and ready – sounds a bit too organised but with three little people you can’t be too organised somewhereaftertherainbow.co.uk

Bath them early!! Once they start getting over tired bath time won’t be fun for anyone. I normally have my baby in the bath by 6pm! Intheplayroom.co.uk

Have everything you need within reach before you put baby in! It means you’re not scrambling about with a (most likely) upset little one while trying to find nappies, creams, etc. emilyandindiana.com

Having someone to help you is good if at all possible. Newborn babies are so small, slippery and squirmy in a bath – especially if they hate it like my daughter did! Fortunately she’s 11 months now and loves baths. autumnsmummyblog.com



Don’t use too many products! Their delicate skin just doesn’t need it. We stick to a bit of top to toe baby bath every other bath time lifewithmrslee.com

Stick to using water and soft cloths for their skin – they don’t need all the chemicals. katykicker.com

Add olive oil to the water for added moisture without the chemicals. Geegardner.co.uk


Post Bath

Try some baby massage with your baby, it will help to calm them down and make them sleepy. Use a lavender scented oil for extra sleepy vibes. Scrapbookblog.co.uk

Get something for after the bath that makes the whole experience altogether better. We got Max a little bear towel, and as simple as it sounds, it just made the whole bath time even more fun. He’s since upgraded to the bear bathrobe…and seems to have developed a bathrobe pose as you can see below! Thanks daddilife.com!


So, if you feel ready to tackle the task you can make it a lot easier with one of our range of baths, perfect for bathing in any room!