Baby with reflux? Advice & guidance from parents

What is reflux?

It’s something many parents talk about but what is reflux? It’s basically when a baby brings milk back up during, or just after, a feed.

Babies get reflux when the ring of muscle between the oesophagus (food pipe) and stomach is not fully developed. Food or milk can leak out and travel back up the food pipe. Other potential causes for reflux can include an intolerance to cow’s milk protein or other allergies.

Reflux affects at least four in ten newborns and it isn’t usually cause for concern. Most of the time, it gets better on its own – often by the time a baby is one. That’s because over a baby’s first 12 months their digestive system naturally develops and they spend more time upright as they start to sit up.

For more information on the symptoms and support around baby reflux, visit the NCT website which has some really useful guidance.

And remember, you’re not alone if your baby is suffering from reflux, in fact many of the parenting bloggers we work with have experienced it first hand and are able to share some really sound advice and guidance, visit their blogs to find out more:

“Arthur had it really badly and my new baby is the same. I spend my nights sat upright as she needs winding for at least 40mins after each feed and being upright is the only thing that helps.”

Sarah Hurst – www.arthurwears.com

“Mine had suspected silent reflux, it took us weeks to realise that tilting his crib made it bearable for him to sleep in there at night. Before that he slept every night propped up on my chest, which meant he slept but I didn’t. It was becoming dangerous but a recommendation from our doctor to tilt his sleep surface saved us.” 

Hayley Jones – https://devonmama.com

“Both of mine had silent reflux. The littlest very severely and was on a very strong dose of antacids until she was 18 months. If she had certain foods she would scream for about 8 hours straight. It was hell! She also needed holding upright and titled cot as a younger baby.”

Danielle Duggins – https://someonesmum.co.uk

“Meme had it and it was a nightmare, she was my first born and I honestly thought that all babies were like that!! We used to prop our crib up with books.”

Natalie – https://memeandharri.com

“My eldest had a touch of reflux. It wasn’t quite bad enough to need medication thankfully, but our GP and Health Visitor recommended propping his crib mattress up slightly and it made a massive difference!”

Rachel Cooper – http://www.coffeecakekids.com/