Benefits of Swaddling

SwaddleMe® knows that when your baby sleeps better, you sleep better, allowing everyone to enjoy the magical experience that is getting to know the newest member of your family.

Why Swaddle?

  • Swaddling soothes babies by mimicking the familiar snugness of the womb
  • Swaddling teaches babies to sleep through the night without startling themselves awake
  • Swaddling helps reduce loose bedding in the crib and helps keep babies sleeping safely on their backs

SwaddleMe Stages

Our complete line of sleep products has been expertly designed and tested to keep babies snug, safe, and comfy every night throughout their first year.  Safer Sleep.  Brighter Days.

Stage 1: Pod (5-12 lbs)

Recreates the comfort of the womb. Tiny zipped pod for secure swaddling.

Stage 2: Original Swaddle (7-18 lbs)

The proven design for easy, safe swaddling.

Safe Sleep Best Practices

Below are a checklist of ‘Safe Sleep Tips’, to help give you peace of mind that your baby is sleeping safely and soundly.

Creating a Safe Sleep Space

  • Use a cot that meets current BS EN 716 standards.
  • Use a fitted cot sheet on a firm, tight-fitting mattress for no gaps or looseness.
  • Don’t allow cords within 1 metre of baby’s cot or within baby’s reach.
  • Keep baby’s cot free of any pillows, blankets, toys, and fluffy or loose bedding.
  • Always place baby to sleep on their back.
  • Don’t put baby to sleep on any soft surface (sofa, waterbed, furry blanket, etc.).
  • Don’t dress baby too warm. Keep the temperature between 16-20 degrees C.
  • Monitor your sleeping baby to give you peace of mind.

We hope you find these swaddling tips useful and manage to get your baby into a good sleep routine that works for you all.  We do a whole range of great sleep time products, simply click here to find out more.

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