Tips for Sleeping in Hot Weather

Getting to sleep when it’s hotter than normal is not an easy task. It’s hard for us to get to sleep, let alone our little ones! We’ve put together some tips from the UKs top parenting bloggers that might help you to all to get a good nights sleep when the temperature is rising…

If you can, having a fan on at night will help keep things a little cooler and make sure you both have some water nearby, to keep hydrated through the night, suggests Tattooed Tea Lady. Another tip for anyone using a fan is to put a bottle of ice/icy water in front of it to cool the room down, which helps New Mummy Blog and her children to sleep. She also said to make sure to open the doors if a welcome breeze starts coming in any window so it can circulate through the house.

Many of our monitors have an onscreen nursery temperature display like the Sure Sight video monitor, that means you can instantly see what the temperature is at any time, day or night!

Ensuring your child doesn’t have too many layers on is important, if your baby won’t sleep without a cover then one of our large muslins would be great as they are really light weight and breathable. Another tip is to hang up a wet towel in the window before you or your children go to bed as it helps to cool the room down, from A Mundane Life.

Cooler baths for baby work well and for adults running cold water from the tap into your wrists can help you feel nice and cool, which is a suggestion from Sophie and Lily, as cold water helps to cool the blood down a little so helps you to feel cooler. Grumpyish Mum suggests dampening your child’s hair with a face cloth they drift off to sleep and it really helps her son to settle in uncomfortably hot weather.

But what about travelling abroad on your summer holidays with children? Not only is it warmer than they’re used to but it’s an unfamiliar bedroom and your routine might be out of kilter too.

Flying with a Baby suggests taking a travel foam fan to fit on the pram if napping on the run; and also a sleep spray. The sleep spray reminds them of home so a little spritz on a hotel pillow or on the plane helps them settle. Another tip is to bring their pillowcase from home so that they still have a familiar scent and feel as they are falling asleep, or a favourite toy or blanket if they’re too young to use a pillow. Often naps may last longer in really hot locations, so adjusting bedtime to be a bit later to make the most of the cooler evening hours can help get a good night sleep too.