I’m Katie Portman, a writer, blogger and mum. From Lancashire originally, I now live with the ‘enemy’ in Yorkshire, sharing my life with my husband Jamie, four year old daughter Elsie and baby boy Leo.

I’m currently doing my best to get to grips with being a mum to two children (which is a challenge at times!) and when life allows I love to write about women’s stuff and motherhood on my blog Pouting In Heels. I also write a weekly column for the Baby Centre and am currently writing my first book #BlogLife which will be out later this year too.katie-portman-pouting-in-heels

I’d best describe myself as an ordinary woman just trying my best to create an extraordinary life for me and my family. As a young girl, I would make magazines from scratch and dream of becoming a writer, so I still can’t quite believe that I get to earn a living and spend my days doing exactly what I love.

I’m so excited to be a Summer Mama, to test some amazing products and report back honestly to busy mums. When it comes to parenting, we’re all just doing the best we can and figuring it out as we go along, but honest reviews and feedback from other mums definitely helps to make life a little easier.


What 3 words come to mind when you think of your family?

Love, happiness, chaos!

What one piece of advice would you give to mums and dads out there?

Definitely to trust your own instincts. No one knows your child / children better than you.

What is the funniest thing that has happened to you since having your baby/being pregnant?

Probably my newborn baby boy spraying his face and me with his wee! (I’m still getting used to boy bits!)

What do you like to do when you have some “me-time”?

Simple things like enjoying a good soak in the bath or reading a book. To be honest, I’m even happy with just five minutes to drink a hot cup of tea!

Are there any blogs or websites that you read regularly?

Lots! There are so many blogs I love but some of my favourites include Hurrah For Gin, Not Another Mummy Blog, Budding Smiles, Mummy Daddy Me, Mrs H’ Favourite Things, Make Do & Push and Cash Carraway.

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