Bank Holiday ideas for the family to enjoy

Everyone loves a Bank Holiday, knowing that you have an extra day to all spend together as a family. However, knowing what to do and where to go can be quite challenging, especially when the British weather can be so unpredictable!

We have spoken to some of our favourite Mummy Bloggers and Summer Mamas to find out their top tips on activities and things you can do over the Bank Holiday weekends.Summer Infant Digital Video Monitor

“We live near the beach, so a beach BBQ or picnic is always nice and shouldn’t be too stressful”

Kate Everall: Http://lesbemums.com

“See if any local farms are having an open day. On Mother’s Day we went to one and saw lots of brand new baby lambs!!”

Alex Pearce: lambandbear.co.uk

“Our bank holidays are usually spent with family members especially at Easter. We will go round to my Mother in laws and let the kids all play, have a nice roast dinner and then a walk in the woods. It can be quite difficult to get days when we are all free or off work together so we always make the most of it on the bank holidays in the year”

Emma Reed: https://emmareed.net

“Many places are super busy on bank holidays which isn’t great for little ones. If the forecast is for a dry day grabbing a picnic, a blanket and a ball and heading to the park is fun. If it’s wet build a fort in your living room and have the picnic inside”

Kate Kirk: Http://www.countingtoten.co.uk/

“Our favourite thing to do with toddlers on a bank holiday is to find a park near to us (preferably with a sand pit) and take a picnic along! With babies I’d say a nice walk along the seaside for some fresh air, and hopefully you’ll get a nap too!”

Katy Gibson: Summer Mama

We hope that these ideas have provided you with some inspiration.  If you have any further ideas, we’d love to hear from you, email us at socialmediauk@summerinfant.com and we’ll update this blog!

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